“Game of Thrones” Season 4 is steadily approaching and its starting to seem like April 6th can’t come soon enough! So while we wait for the Season 4 release date to near, let’s check out the latest batch of news regarding the latest “Game of Thrones” installment. HBO released the first four episode titles, which The Season 4 premiere episode which debuts in a mere 20 days is titled “Two Swords,” it will have a run time of 58 minutes. Following the “Game of Thrones” premiere episode, Season 4 will continue on April 13 with episode 2, “The Lion and the Rose,” which has a run time of 52 minutes. Following episode 2 will be “Breaker of Chains” episode 3, which runs for 4 minutes longer than its predecessor, and finally episode 4 “Oathkeeper” will premiere on April 27th and run for 54 minutes. New reports claim that the fifth episode title has been revealed and like the others this season, it is specific referring to a well-known character. The title of “Game of Thrones” Season 4 episode 5 is “First Of His Name,” which has a run time of 54 minutes.  

Warning spoilers for Season 4 of “Game of Thrones” ahead. Do not read any further if you do not want to know what will happen in the fifth episode of the forthcoming season.

If you are not familiar with the phrase “First of His Name,” you need to watch more of this series. But for those loyal fans who have heard it before, it can be said in reference to multiple males on the show.  The phrase is a part of a royal’s title, a King of Westeros, to be more specific, that has a different name from any other King who has sat on the Iron Throne before him. Fans first heard this moniker when King Robert Baratheon was announced, and it has continued into Season 3 of the series with none other than his “son” King Joffrey Baratheron. The formula is simply really, the King is formally addressed by his subjects as "Your Grace" and in official events referred to his full name which is normally announced by the Royal Steward, “All hail His Grace, Joffrey of Houses Baratheon and Lannister, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm."

But if Joffrey is already first of his name and has been for three seasons, why is this so important that episode 5 is named after it. Most likely because there is a new king in town, the title is most likely referring to Joff’s younger brother Tommen. Tommen Baratheon will take the throne after his elder brother’s death which will occur at his wedding feats in episode 2 “The Lion and the Rose.” Much like the “Red Wedding” the wedding of Joffrey and Margarey will be witness to death, however this time the Lannisters are the victims, more specifically Joffrey. The young King is enjoying his wedding feast next to his new bride, when he begins to choke. At first the court is stunned by the King’s choking, thinking that he simply ate too much pie, but they soon to begin to realize the seriousness of the situation. While clawing at his own throat in a desperate attempt to breathe, Joffrey points to his uncle Tyrion in his last moments seemingly indicating his guilt in his apparent poisoning. Tyrion empties the remainder of Joffrey’s chalice on the floor of the Red Keep and then begins to leave, although Cersei distraught and enraged orders the arrest of both Tyrion and his wife Sansa after confirming the death of her eldest son. Following this event, we are assuming based of the episode title, that Tommen’s coronation will take place in episode 5, “First Of His Name.”