In the Hollywood circuit there is always a lot of drama surrounding male entertainers having children with women they have casually dated. While we've seen things get pretty ugle between both parties, the trend seems to be stopping no time soon. It is being reported that singer Trey Songz may be the latest entertainer expecting a new bundle of joy!

According to MediaTakeOut, Genesis Cortes, a popular New York City exotic dancer at the club STARLETS is claiming that the "Touchin You" crooner has gotten her pregnant. While the site has been criticized in the past for leaking false stories, the outlet may be on to something with this latest revelation.

The site reports that Cortes has taken to social media to explain hr side of the story and reveal that Trey Songz is without a doubt the father of her unborn child. While the dancer claims that she was never exclusive with the singer, she is prepared to carry out the pregnancy.

In a post on Facebook, that has since been untraceable, the dancer is sticking to her story revealing how and where she met the singer and the nature of their relationship.

"I really don't have to explain myself to anyone, but people talk so much without knowing a damn thing," Cortes writes. "I ain't Tremaine's girl, i ain't bragging because I kicked it with Tremaine or that we did what we did. Deada** met the man at my job at starlets and the rest is history. Now. I'm pregnant by this guy and he could care less. He's working on his album and don't need extra bullsh*t. His words exactly. I'm not hyping up this situation like most b*tches do when they fw a celebrity, we deada** just did what we did and kicke dit while he was here and facetimr text and snap each other whenever we can after he left. But y'all keep inboxing me and commenting rude sh*t you will be blocked. I have no time son..period.#missmewiththebullsh*t"

While anyone can go around and claim that they are pregnant by a celebrity, this woman is apparently not budging with her claims. The singer has yet to confirm, deny or even respond to the allegations being made.

Do you believe Trey Songz is the father of this woman's child? Let's discuss!

This story is developing.