R&B singer Trey Songz faces a brand-new lawsuit on Tuesday, Feb. 15, after a third victim whose experience with the singer amounted to a “brutal rape” came forward as momentum builds in sexual assault cases against the embattled celebrity.

The woman alleges in her lawsuit that Songz, whom she claims that she had a consensual relationship with, anally raped her at one of his house parties in 2016 after she had specifically refused to do so at the time, according to NBC News.

Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, then continued to assault the anonymous woman before somebody entered the room, who just left Songz and the woman alone after a moment for Songz to continue the abuse, the Daily Beast reported.

Afterward, the anonymous woman called an Uber, and was brought by the driver to the Providence Joseph Medical Center Emergency Care Unit, where doctors gave her a sexual assault exam and found “severe anal tearing that could require surgery.”

“Victims are coming forward every day. Just know you are not alone, and this behavior is unacceptable,” Ariel Mitchell, one of the lawyers in charge of the case, said. “George Vrabeck and I will not be deterred by bullying or intimidation tactics and will continue our pursuit of Justice for sexual assault victims of Trey Songz.”

Mitchell and Vrabeck are also handling separate sexual assault cases against Songz: the first is victim Jauhara Jeffries, who claims that Songz sexually assaulted her in a club in 2018. The second is former basketball player Dylan Gonzalez, who accused Songz of raping her in Las Vegas nine years ago.

In a statement denying the sexual assault charges against him, Songz and his attorney have also accused Ariel Mitchell of witness tampering by saying that she paid off the new anonymous victim to lie about the accusations.

“Earlier today, the attorney who drafted this suit was credibly accused of trying to pay a woman to falsely accuse Trey,” an attorney for Songz said. “Hours later, that same attorney has filed this suit on behalf of an anonymous client. It isn’t hard to see what’s happening here, and it is a shame for genuine victims of sexual assault.”

“The allegation is without merit and is a desperate attempt to shift the narrative away from Trey Songz’s consistent pattern of predatory behavior. Trey Songz has a sordid history of attacking women, which now includes myself,” Mitchell said in response to the singer’s accusations.

Singer Trey Songz faces his third sexual assault case on Tuesday after an anonymous woman filed a lawsuit claiming that the R&B singer raped her anally during a house party in 2016. This is a representational image. Chris Zhang/Unsplash.

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