Gamers eagerly awaiting Ganyu need not wait any longer. The newest character following Abledo is out following the release of the latest update for Version 1.2 of “Gensin Impact.”

Ganyu is part of the main story, serving as a secretary to Liyue Qixing. Players will want to check her out although achieving that is unlikely to be easy. She is a five-star character, meaning it will take a lot to unlock her.

To do so, gamers have to use the Wish system to get Ganyu and acquire the character. It may not be easy but it appears getting the newest character for the game will be worth it. However, there is a time element in play, meaning gamers will have to act fast.

Ganyu is considered a powerful character to use, a Cryo user. This means that this newest character for “Genshin Impact” has the power of Elemental attacks and her skills are ice-based.

Aside from that, she also uses a bow, making her an ideal character to use for distance attacks. From these features alone, there is no question that players would love to get her and unleash her awesome firepower on “Genshin Impact.”

This would be good news for “Genshin Impact” players who play in groups. She will come in handy once harder enemies come along although gamers are warned that unleashing her full potential will not be easy. Players will need to adjust to a different playstyle to fully maximize her, Forbes reported.

Regardless of that, “Genshin Impact” players may care less. Considering the firepower that Ganyu has to offer, most would want to get hold of her at all costs.

However, there are things to consider. To get the most out of Ganyu on “Genshin Impact,” constellation points will be needed to put special abilities to use. This includes her double-charged shot which should put her bow to good use.

In all, Ganyu is wickedly strong. But for “Genshin Impact” players, it all boils down to the purpose of getting her and willingness to adjust to putting the newest character to good use.

Genshin Impact Genshin Impact 1.1. update arrives on Nov. 11. Facebook/Genshinimpact