It’s safe to say that many people are waiting for George Zimmerman’s karma to come back and bite him where it hurts, but he always seems to get off unscathed. In his 2015 road rage fight, Zimmerman has not been indicted with any charges but the man who shot at him just learned his fate.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, Circuit Judge Debra Nelson gave Matthew Apperson the mandatory minimum sentence for his convictions. After being charged with attempted second-degree murder, armed aggravated assault and shooting into the vehicle, Apperson was handed a 20-year prison sentence.

Before Judge Nelson gave the sentence, Apperson’s wife, Lisa Apperson asked the judge to throw out the charges. She claims that local authorities had “given George Zimmerman a golden ticket to go out and do whatever he wants to do.”

Apperson’s wife also accused the judge of making unfair rulings and allowing an innocent man-her husband- to go to jail.

Apperson’s mother, Janet White, asked the judge to throw out the verdict and allow her son to go free. She says that her son acted in self-defense and the real bad man here is Zimmerman.

"We will hold our collective breaths to see what outrageous acts he Zimmerman performs next," White said.

The site reports that Apperson shot Zimmerman on May 11,2015. Apperson told the police that Zimmerman pointed the gun at him first, but during trial Zimmerman told jurors that it was a lie.

"The crux here is Mr. Apperson's blatant disregard for my life, any life … anybody driving up and down Lake Mary Boulevard," Zimmerman told the judge.

The bullet shattered the passenger-side window of Zimmerman’s truck and lodged in the frame above the window. He suffered minor injuries from the glass fragments.

Despite Zimmerman’s past it seems as if he dodged another bullet. The news is unsettling to many as he was given a free pass on the murder of the late 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Calling his involvement self-defense, he was able to get off without any charges and history has repeated itself.