The bodies of two half-sisters were retrieved from a river last year in Alabama. Two men have been arrested and charged for their murders. A third suspect has also been taken into police custody.

Police have arrested 37-year-old Devon Lashawn Watts and 24-year-old Christopher Leedarius Pullen. Both men are natives of Rome, Georgia. They were arrested and taken into custody at Cherokee County Jail on Oct. 8, as stated by Jeff Shaver, the County Sheriff of Cherokee. Desmond Brown, who is the third suspect, in this case, has not yet been extradited from Georgia to Alabama.

The double-homicide happened in a scuffle over a wallet in May 2020, according to the local news outlets.

18-year-old Vanita Richardson and 30-year-old Truvenia Campbell were taken to Alabama in a car by the three perpetrators. In the middle of the journey, they stopped and interrogated the women about the missing wallet. Brown suggested the idea of searching the women. He suspected that the women took the wallet when the group had been partying at his home earlier.

It is believed that Campbell accused the men of framing them for a crime they did not commit. The older woman was shot several times before the younger woman was fatally shot as well.

Police think both the victims’ bodies were put in the trunk of the vehicles by the murderers. The killers made multiple stops while they were on their way to dispose of the bodies. They stopped at a Mapco to get gloves, a Black and Mild cigar, and a bottle of Perrier. They also stopped near a complex, to sell some synthetic marijuana, as reported by the Gadsden Times.

Later they dropped the bodies of the two victims off of the bridge on US 411. The bodies of Richardson and Campbell were discovered later on May 13, 2020. The bodies were discovered by the workers of the Department of Transportation of Georgia who were getting ready to inspect bridges on the East Rome Bypass which is near Grizzard Park.

Associated Press reported that Brown had later discovered that the women were innocent. His wallet had been found by his mother in his home.

The three perpetrators were arrested later on different charges and were in prison during the course of the investigation. The case was later transferred to Cherokee County as the investigators came to the conclusion that the victims were shot in Cherokee County.

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