Gerardo Ortiz
Gerardo Ortiz is revealing details following police investigation and rumors linking him to drug cartels. Find out what we learned from new interview here! Telemundo

Gerardo Ortiz has been surrounded by controversy following his "Fuiste Mia" music video. The Regional Mexican singer is now opening up and revealing what happened after police investigation linked him to inciting criminal acts. The accusation stems from the clip where Ortiz portrays a jealous man that kills a man and a woman in a violent way. Now Gerardo Ortiz is breaking his silenece and sat down with Jessica Carrillo for an exclusive interview with "Al Rojo Vivo" on Telemundo. These are the seven things we learned:

1. Accusations: "We arrived to the city of Guadalajara. For three days we (were) waiting for the citation from the district attorney's office, where we met with lawyers. We were there for four hours. They have already submitted the accusation, that is only one charge, for advocating crime. Declarations were made around this topic following the 'Fuiste Mía' video, a song I wrote. We were there for four hours talking about the topic and clearing up the situation."

2. Advocating Crime: Ortiz was asked he knew what he was being accused of. "No, not really. If I knew what it was, I would tell you with no shame. I think it's a really delicate subject that many people don't know what it is. In reality, now that I've been going through this situation, I understand a little bit more about "apología del delito" (advocating crime). For me, it's not a crime making the video and writing this song."

3. Guilt: "I have not committed a crime and not glorified it. I think I have made my job, which is music. Music is my life."

4. Drug Cartel Link: "Now I hear they are accussing me of other charges... I heard money laundry... Organized crime... no. Until this moment, there is only one accusation which is advocating crime. They have distored everything, the press."

5. Fans: One of the reasons Ortiz opened up about the controversy is because he cares for his fans from Mexico and the U.S. "I am thankful for all their support as I know there's a lot of confusion. I have even felt confused with everything. I think that we all know what I am being accused of and that's advocating crime. My lawyers are taking care of the situation. I know that they [fans] have been following me for a long time. They know my career, they know where I come from. They know what I dedicated my life to, which is writing, making and singing music. That is my biggest concern."

6. Family: "It is a delicate subject. My mom, my grandmother... I had a long time without seeing my grandmother and seeing her again and the first thing she says is, 'I am praying for you,' and seeing her cry for you, it moved me a lot. I am also concern because her health is not good and her worrying about all this situation."

7. Gerardo Ortiz Feelings: "At this moment, happy for being back in Miami. Very concentrated with this presentation. I am happy to be back on stage with Alejandra [Guzmán]. I am thankful that she could be here with me, because she also has a lot of work and is everywhere."

See the full interview on "Al Rojo Vivo" today (April 28) at 4pm/3C on Telemundo!

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