Brazilian police arrested a German diplomat on Aug. 6 for allegedly slaying his husband at their home in an upscale neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. The suspect, Uwe Herbert Hahn, tried to cover up the crime when police found the body of 52-year-old Walter Henri Maximilien Biot inside their apartment saying he suffered a fatal head injury.

Hahn, a consul from Germany claimed that his Belgian husband was acting strangely ill on the evening of the 5th and collapsed, fatally hitting his head. He went on to tell the cops how Biot had gone into some odd fit where he started running towards the balcony of their penthouse apartment. The victim reportedly tripped on a rug and hit his head. However, an autopsy on his body, as well as an analysis of the couple’s home proves otherwise, as it appears that Biot was severely beaten to death, CBS News reported.

It is not clear who called the police over to the couple's apartment but 14th police precinct Officer Camila Laurenco commented that the events given by the consul heavily contradict the data presented by forensics. She went on to say that multiple bruises were found on the body and that the injuries sustained by Biot were comparable with injuries inflicted by stomping. The lesions found on his corpse were also compatible with attacks inflicted by a cylindrical weapon and were not at all consistent with that of a person who suffered a fall. Hahn told the officers that his husband had been drinking too much and buzzing on a dose of sleeping pills.

"The cadaver is screaming out the circumstances of its death," she remarked.

Blood stains all over the floor and furniture of the couple’s apartment were detected by forensics with the couple's secretary stating she had ordered the floor to be cleaned after seeing their dog lapping up the blood. Reports from Brazilian media say that Hahn will receive no diplomatic immunity due to the nature of the crime. Local media said that Hahn had been married to the victim for 20 years. Picture of IDs by police show that Biot was a week away from celebrating his 53rd birthday.

entrance of the building where Belgian Walter Henri Maximilien Biot, husband of German consul Uwe Herbert Hahn died
Picture taken on August 6, 2022, of the entrance of the building where Belgian Walter Henri Maximilien Biot, husband of German consul Uwe Herbert Hahn, died on August 5, 2022, in the apartment they shared in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. - The police is investigating the circumstances of his death, according to local media. Photo by Andre Borges/AFP via Getty Images