A nurse in Germany has been accused of injecting at least six people, but possibly thousands, with a saline solution instead of the Pfizer COVID vaccine in what is being investigated as a possible politically motivated crime.

The nurse, unidentified as of press time, reportedly accidentally dropped a vial of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine while attempting to administer it to a person. Instead of informing authorities of her mistake, however, she injected a saline solution in their place, reported WION.

She was suspected of doing this in the vaccination center in Friesland, which is a rural district near the North Sea coast in Germany. This vaccination run would be around the early spring.

“I am totally shocked by this episode,” Sven Ambrosy, a local councilor of the town, said.

Saline solution is typically regarded as harmless to the body and is typically used to help administer medicine easier to the body.

Over 8,600 people are perceived to be affected by this mistake. Although it was earlier suspected that only six people received the saline solution, there is a potential that thousands of people remain unvaccinated from the virus, the Toronto Sun reported.

Peter Beer, the police investigator of the area, stated that there is “a reasonable suspicion of danger” in what is happening as Friesland is occupied with elderly people who have a higher risk of catching and dying from COVID-19, he told Reuters.

The unnamed nurse is now under investigation for her actions. While she claims it was an accident, as the vaccine is usually diluted with saline before being administered, police have found posts on her social media sharing skeptical views on the vaccine.

This comes as anti-vaccine sentiment across the world rises as politicians and media personalities spread unfounded misgivings on the efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine.

The special police force has not commented on whether there are charges or an arrest awaiting the nurse who administered saline solution instead of vaccines.

A nurse in Germany reportedly injected possibly thousands of people with a saline solution instead of the Pfizer vaccine in the early spring. This is a representational image. Jeshoots/Unsplash

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