An American Bully XL dog killed a mother-of-two she kept as a pet after it "turned mad in the extreme heat."

Reports mentioned that Joanne Robinson, 43, passed away at the scene of the assault at home in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom on Friday night.

Rocco, the pet dog, attacked the mother-of-two as Robinson got home from a night out with friends when suddenly the canine attacked her around the throat.

Examiner Live mentioned that Robinson's boyfriend, Jamie Stead, repelled the dog, which Joanne's mother described as "bigger than a lion."

Sadly, in the incident on Friday night at the family home, he was mauled and seriously hurt.

Stead had his skin grafts done after getting hurt to his face, stomach, and hands.

There were two dogs in the house at the time, neither of which was a prohibited breed.

South Yorkshire Police indeed confirmed that the American Bulldog/XL Bully breed attacked the owners.

Dottie Robinson, Joanne's distraught mother, described how her favorite dog attacked her daughter due to extreme weather conditions in the United Kingdom.

According to the Mirror, Dotty has warned dog owners to exercise additional caution around their pets during the current heatwave as temperatures climb.

"They were good dogs, they are not a banned breed and were not dangerous. They were not related but they got on well together. I don't know why they suddenly snapped," Dotty mentioned.

Dotty verified that the police had taken custody of the two canines. Rocco was almost two years old, and Lola, his Bully XL mate, was also two.

"I can only think they turned mad in the extreme heat. It must have set them off. Rocco's a big dog, he's bigger than a lion," she added.

She re-emphasised: "It must have been the heat. There's a saying about mad dogs going out in the midday sun."

Her son Dillon Robinson has praised her mother as his "best friend" in the interim.

Dillon said on Facebook that "a lot of false stories" regarding what had transpired had been spread.

He said: "If you want to share anything about my mum please feel free to share this. Let's remember her how she was the crazy, caring loving mum, daughter, friend, sister, auntie, Nannan."

Dillon added: "My mum was more than a mum, she was my best friend. She was the most caring person and would do anything for anybody. She was the best Nannan to my kids and I'm honestly heartbroken she will never get to meet the third one on the way."

Numerous floral tributes have been left at the spot on Masefield Road since Robinson's passing.

Aside from thanking everyone for their support, Robinson's son also shared pictures of floral tributes outside the home where the incident occurred and a candlelight vigil arranged in her honor.

Other people also paid their tributes on social media, ITV mentioned.

Family members claim that an XL Bully dog that killed a mother-of-two, 43, by mauling her to death "snapped and turned mad in the heat." This is a representational image. Lars Nissen via Pixabay

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