Gina Rodriguez
The "Jane the Virgin" star thinks the Latino community should unite and watch their own shows to raise numbers. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Gina Rodriguez attended the P&G Orgullosa Nueva Latinas Living Fabulosa Forum in New York City on Wednesday, where she spoke to Fox News Latino about her character in the hit series hit series “Jane the Virgin.” “I am in love with ‘Jane,’” and about how the show shows the Latino community in a perspective that hasn’t been seen yet. “The dual identity, living with two languages inside the home.” Rodriguez said that another aspect she loves about the show is that it speaks for itself. “There is no need to comment on it, we’re just living it.”

The Golden Globe winner spoke at this year’s PaleyFest and said she wanted writers to “write for human beings… We’re human, we all want the same things, we all want love and success, we’re afraid of failure, we want people to like us… You write for a human being.” Rodriguez insisted at the P&G event that Latinos should come together and start watching “Jane The Virgin” “even on a bigger scale.” “Our viewership is not as crazy as I believe it can be. And that is the reason I make a call to action for Latinos,” the actress said. “We have to support our own community, i.e. we have to watch shows like ‘Jane,’ ‘Cristela’ and shows that are to come like ‘Telenovela’ and Jennifer Lopez’s new show ‘Shades of Blue,’” she insisted.

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