An underage sex abuse victim has testified in court, brutally detailing how a predator she met on Facebook offered her a cafe job but then coerced her to have sex with him and other men for profit, with the prolonged ordeal lasting two years, a court bared on Wednesday.

The suspect William J. Quinn, 57, of Oxford, has been slapped with 14 counts of multiple sex offense charges in connection to the girl, who was 15 at the time of the abuse, facing four counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child, two counts of human sex trafficking of a minor, as well as one count of child abuse.

The man has also been slapped with three counts of a manufacturing-visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct, two counts of the possession-visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct, and two counts of enticement by an electronic communication device, the Kearney Hub noted.

For about six hours on Wednesday, the victim, now 17, narrated at the Furnas County Court how she was first befriended by Quinn on Facebook while she was 15 and staying with her sister in North Carolina when the accused started ordering her to send him nude photos.

When the two began chatting on Facebook, the victim said Quinn, whom she referred to as “Billy,” offered her a job at his cafe in Oxford. Despite being "creeped out" by the man's behavior, she would oblige because of the employment prospects at his cafe, badly wanting to leave North Carolina.

At the time, the girl deliberately falsely told the man that she was 16 and at the legal working age, to secure the post. She had known of Quinn before he messaged her in March 2019 because some of her relatives were also working at Quinn’s businesses, Nebraska TV reported.

By summer 2019, the girl had moved to Beaver City and contacted Quinn that she was in Nebraska, ready to work at the cafe. They met at Beaver City for the first time and Quinn immediately took the victim to a cornfield to sexually harass her and force her to perform oral sex on him.

When the girl tried to escape her aggressor, Quinn allegedly brandished a knife and threatened to slash her throat before she was forced to continue orally pleasuring the predator.

The abuse went on for years, with the victim noting that she had sex with Quinn at least 100 times, where half of the time was when she was 15. In Nebraska, 16 is the age a person can consent to sex.

At times, Quinn would also order the victim to have sex with other men, charging the predators $50 apiece, where the suspect would take pleasure in filming the lewd activities, the victim alleged.

After having sex with other men, the predator would then coerce the woman to have sex with him while describing her experiences with the other men. Otherwise, the woman would be beaten up for disobedience. The victim further alleged that Quinn keeps a list of men whom she had sex with because he enjoys seeing names of people who had sex with her, the Beatrice Daily Sun noted.

Quinn's legal camp has argued that the client had stopped the sexual assaults once he found out that the woman was not yet in the legal age to consent to sex. Mallory Hughes of Omaha, a lawyer for the suspect, then accused the alleged victim of following the ideology of the Las Vegas Sex Con and that she targeted Quinn because he had a family and a business to lose.

Quinn has refuted all allegations made against him. His trial commenced on Monday and is due to last until June 25.

A sex abuse victim alleged that a predator she met on Facebook lured her with a café job before coercing her to have sex with him and other men for $50 apiece, the court bared on Wednesday. This is a representational image. PIXABAY

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