Giselle Blondet
Giselle Blondet talked to us about her newest venture... an online cooking show! courtesy

With the grand finale of "Gran Hermano US" just around the corner, host Giselle Blondet is proud to reveal a new venture. The Puerto Rican actress presents a cooking web series, where she will share simple recipes, kitchen hacks, and finger-licking tips... with a twist!

The series, which is hosted on, is called "Tu Twist" and caters to all of those Latinas who enjoy cooking and want to try something different in the kitchen. Blondet joins the tasty initiative created by Unilever Foods to inspire mamás to put anew twist on mealtimes and family occasions, and to celebrate her signature sazón.

"The idea is to do every day things in a fun manner," Blondet told Latin Times during a special event at Hispanicize 2016. "Sometimes we get home tired from work and we begin to cook," she added, stating that people tend to be in a cranky mood after a long day of work. "We have to turn that task into something fun and that's why we have to give it a twist," she emphasized.

The 52-year-old Telemundo personality, who admitted her favorite foods are lasagna and arroz con gandules, also stated that the web series is very interactive with fans. "The idea is to share your tips with us," she said, suggesting that readers visit the website and share some of their photos and best recipes.

The "Tu Twist" mission it to provide a fun-loving nature and culinary creativity to viewers. Some of the brands that Blondet uses in the web series are Knorr, Hellmann’s, Lipton, Fruttare, Popsicle, and Breyer’s. The online cooking show is written by comedian Arturo Castro, best known for his leading role in Comedy Central's "Alternatino." Giselle and Arturo each bring their own flavor to the web series as they expertly channel their Latino family experiences.

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