One of the biggest problems that the world has to deal with right now is climate change. Tied to that, it all pins back to deforestation, something that has been a growing concern around the globe.

However, hope floats over the horizon. World leaders have come forward to try and do their part, pledging billions to help protect and save forests. A total of $19 billion was pledged for the initiative, a promise made during the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow on Monday, Nov. 1.

"We will have a chance to end humanity's long history as nature's conqueror, and instead become its custodian," British leader Boris Johnson said.

US president Joe Biden also assured that a new plan on their end would help deliver on the shared goal to held halt forest loss. The aim is to restore at least an additional 200 million hectares of forest and other ecosystems by 2030.

"We're going to work to ensure markets recognize the true economic value of natural carbon sinks and motivate governments, landowners and stakeholders to prioritize conservation," Biden stated.

The pledge and the funds infused to help stop deforestation are welcome. However, executing them is another matter. Environmental activists are perhaps the best people to lead the charge, something that could not only help restore forests but also address the growing concern of emissions.

Forests help take emissions out of the atmosphere, something that also prevents them from warming the climate.

With the natural climate disappearing with roughly 258,000 sq km (99,600 sq miles) of forest lost in 2020, achieving such a goal will need time. The earliest forecast is by 2030, assuming that all nations who have joined in the initiative do their part.

12 countries have pledged to provide 8.75 billion pounds ($12 billion) of public funding between 2021 and 2025 to help developing countries, including in efforts to restore degraded land and tackle wildfires, Reuters reported.

Brazil, a country that has soaring deforestation of the Amazon, was more bullish in their forecast. They plan a more aggressive target to end deforestation by 2028.

Funds and pledges are there but the execution remains the key. It all starts with baby steps and each country participating may want to do that incrementally to attain the reforestation goal.

Amazon Deforestation
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