Gloria Trevi is ready to bring her “El Amor” World Tour to the U.S. August 21, 2015, which according to NBL’s host Javier Poza promises to deliver intensity and a wide array of emotions.

“There are songs that have transformed my life in order to love, to know how to love, so I will be leaving pieces of my soul in each city during this tour, which will be very demanding, physically and emotionally, but it’s all worth it because this tour means love, and love can take it all! Prepared to live like you should be living.” Expressed Trevi on the press communicate mentioned by Poza on his radio show a couple of weeks ago.

The Mexican “Madonna” gave a press conference in Los Angeles this week, where she revealed details of her upcoming show: “There will be an orchestra, a gospel choir, a big band, 70 people on stage and it will be so romantic that the audience will leave wanting to make love to their significant other.”

Even though the media gathering was supposed to be solely to discuss her tour, La Trevi couldn’t avoid questions about Donald Trump’s recent comments about Latinos in the U.S. and this is what she had to say:

“Latinos should react with class, not react in the same way as we are being provoked. We are greater than that. We have helped this country to be as big as it is in this moment. Which is why we should show compassion to any one who shows ignorance, because you have to be ignorant to discriminate a human being for whatever reason. I am sure this country will continue to succeed and lead, just like they did accepting the union between people of the same sex. I think that with a smile on our face and with love is how we should respond to any attack and show the greatness of Latinos.”