Google Search Temporarily Removes 'News' Filter: Could AI Replace It?

Google has initiated a significant restructuring and has laid off an unspecified number of employees, marking the latest in a series of cost-cutting measures by Alphabet-owned tech giant.

Although Google did not disclose the exact number of employees affected or which teams are impacted, a spokesperson clarified that the layoffs are not affecting all departments and that affected staff members will have the opportunity to seek internal positions.

Employees in various teams within Google's real estate and finance departments have reportedly been impacted This includes teams such as Google's treasury, business services, and revenue cash operations.

The restructuring has been described as "pretty large-scale," with reports indicating that the tech giant is transferring some positions overseas.

Some of the affected positions will transition to hubs in key locations such as Bengaluru, Chicago, Atlanta, and Dublin, where the company is expanding its presence.

Ruth Porat, Google's chief financial officer, has informed employees via email that it would establish "growth hubs" in India, Mexico, Ireland, and Atlanta.

A small percentage of the impacted roles will move to hubs the company is investing in, including India, Chicago, Atlanta and Dublin.

The Google job cuts fuel concerns that further workforce reductions may occur across the tech and media sector as companies confront economic uncertainties.

The spokesperson said a number of its teams made changes throughout the second half of 2023 and into 2024 to become "more efficient and work better, remove layers and align their resources to their biggest product priorities.

Google said its intention is to simplify its structures to provide employees with greater opportunities to "focus on the most innovative and critical advancements and top company priorities, all while streamlining bureaucracy and organizational layers".

In January, Google initiated layoffs affecting hundreds of workers across various teams, including engineering, hardware, and assistant teams, as part of its efforts to bolster investment and enhance its artificial intelligence offerings.

A week prior to these layoffs, Google downsized its workforce across its Pixel, Fitbit, and Nest units.

CEO Sundar Pichai had reportedly informed employees at the beginning of the year to expect further job reductions.

The job cuts marked a challenging beginning to the year for Google's workforce, which saw its headcount reduced by over 12,000 over the course of 2023.