Despite the series of negative reports that have plagued Samsung for the past few weeks including exploding phones, personal injury lawsuits, bribes, airplane bans, and now class action lawsuits, some stubborn Note 7 owners vow to keep their device. Their reasoning is that there is just not other phone on the market that has all of the bells and whistles that the Galaxy Note 7 has. The Galaxy Note 7 recall debacle sheds light on the fact that for some mobile users, the Note 7 is the best phone on the market. If the manufacturing error caused in some devices had never occurred, it would still reign at the top of the food chain among its rivals.

Could the Google Pixel XL be a suitable replacement for the now banned and totally recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7? The answer to that depends on individual user preference since every consumer has different expectations from their phones. One of the key features the device has that its owners appreciate most is its 12MP primary camera. This camera which was first implemented in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge flagship phones received thumbs up reviews fresh out of the gate. Fast, phase detection autofocus, a 1/2.5-inch sensor, and a light gathering aperture of f/1.7 allow the Galaxy Note 7 to capture phenomenal images. Due to the outstanding photo and video recording capabilities, photo enthusiastic Galaxy Note 7 owners especially may be holding a tight grasp on their device no matter how dangerous it is.

For this select group of owners, the Pixel XL by Google may be a device to consider. This made by Google phone is fitted with a 12.3MP main camera, an aperture of f/2.0, speedy phase detection & laser autofocus, and a 1/2.3-inch sensor. Mobile camera expert, DxOMark rates the Pixel XL as having the best mobile camera on the market right now. In comparison the Galaxy Note 7, the Pixel XL boasts a mobile score of 89 while its opponent’s camera performance sits a notch below it on the list with a score of 88.  Note 7 owners on the Verizon network can upgrade to the Pixel XL directly through their carrier or Best Buy. Other network subscribers may pre-order an unlocked Pixel XL through the Google Store and activate it on their wireless provider’s network. Alternatively, you can ditch your carrier and switch to Google’s own wireless network, Project Fi.

Network carriers are working with Samsung to do everything possible to retrieve the hazardous phones from the hands of Samsung Note series brand loyalists who simply won’t give the phone up. While the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the most similar phone to its Note 7 sibling in terms of design and specs, it’s slightly smaller than the Note 7 and does not come with a stylus pen. After one failed national recall where replacement units were also reportedly exploding, Samsung announced on October 13, a full recall of every single Galaxy Note 7 sold. To encourage users from keeping their device, Samsung is offering $100 to anyone who turns in their device. Still, some diehard Note 7 fans refuse to give up their precious, yet dangerous device.