Three weeks into the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 nationwide recall, U.S. wireless carriers Sprint and Verizon are now selling new safe models of the Galaxy Note 7. This report follows Samsung’s announcement that Galaxy Note 7 replacement devices would land in retail stores nationwide on September 21.

As Android Central  reports, the new, non-exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 first appeared on Sprint and Verizon online stores Wednesday as an “add to cart” option. This comes as great news for potential Note 7 owners who were waiting for the phone’s sales to resume.

Meanwhile, some anxious defective Note 7 owners who tried to exchange their handsets in stores that very same day were out of luck. Venting on social media, Note 7 owners said some stores either didn’t have the new Note 7 phone in stock or had a few units in stock but weren’t allowed to proceed with the phone exchange.

Due to spotty availability of the new Note 7 replacement phones at the moment, it’s a good idea to call your local store first to check if the phone is in stock. Also keep in mind that each wireless carrier store has its own set of Note 7 replacement procedures so calling ahead of time is best. When you find a location that has the phone, expect long lines.

Sprint aims to make its in-store Note 7 recall replacement process run smoother by advising customers to schedule an appointment. “Sprint is encouraging customers still using an old Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to schedule an appointment starting 9/21 to pick up their replacement device. Samsung confirmed that the Note 7 replacement devices as approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission will be available in the United States at most retail locations not later than September 21,” the bulletin from Sprint reads.

Samsung shipped over 500,000 new Galaxy Note 7 replacement units to U.S. carrier and retail stores. Days after the Galaxy Note 7’s August release date, Samsung discovered that a faulty battery issue was causing the phone to explode during use or while charging. According to CNN, the issue affects 0.1 percent of its Note 7 phablets in the initial batch, but Samsung issued a voluntary recall for all of the devices in early September.