Grammy Awards 2017: 10 Reasons Why Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' Leads Nominations

Beyoncé presented her complete Lemonade Album on "The Formation Tour" during 2016. Getty Images

From the opening track, Beyoncé begins the agony, mistrust, and demonstrative closeness that you will listen to in the whole album.

To listen to “Lemonade” is to presence a new higher level of music that is meticulously calculated and combines tough lyrics and a strong personality that is addictive.

The album clearly achieved the Grammy’s recognition from the beginning when its visual quality and the strong features were exposed publicly. "Lemonade" in front of other LP's from 2016, looks like a polished diamond leaving the rest on a path of antiquated marketing techniques that Beyonce has surpassed since her first visual album "Beyoncé."

Formation Tour Beyoncé performing "Lemonade," her sixth album, with multiple nominations for the Grammy Awards. Getty Images

Lemonade has 9 nominations for the upcoming ceremony including: "Album of the year," "Best Urban Contemporary Album," "Best Music Film," "Record Of The Year" for "Formation," as well as "Song Of The Year," and "Best Music Video." The single "Hold Up" is nominated for "Best Pop Solo Performance;" "Don’t Hurt Yourself" for "Best Rock Performance," and "Freedom" for "Best Rap/Sung Performance."

She Bet For Another Visual Album

Making a second conceptual album, without a doubt would insure Beyoncé the entrance to the list of nominations for the Grammy Awards. As a result of the success she had with her first visual album "Beyoncé," the artist wanted to do a second one where every song had its own music video, creating a concept material with no waste. Bey worked with great producers including Kevin Garnett, Diplo, Jack White and Boots, who worked together to make this a masterpiece from the music to the videos.

Successful Commercial Performance

The massively anticipated release of "Lemonade" on HBO made Beyonce’s fans and the worldwide media wait for what this new expected visual album was going to be. The results really impressed, surpassing the sales projections from 500,000 units to 600,000 on its first week. After 60 minutes of the album were broadcast, the material instantly received widespread acclaim from critics and was put right on the eyes of the Grammy judges, as the number one nominee for the upcoming gala.

Amazing Visuals On 12 Music Videos

The 60-minute clip that supplemented the album consisted of every song with a visual component divided by chapters: Intuition, Denial, Anger, Apathy, Emptiness, Accountability, Reformation, Forgiveness, Resurection, Hope, and Redemption. Every video production is gold, the takes and the script make you feel like if you are in a movie but at the same time a documentary adorned by expatriate Somali poet Warsan Shire.

Excellent Music & Tough Lyrics

Beyoncé’s songs, especially the ballads, make us confront ourselves about special moments of our love life and this has been a common denominator in all of her albums. This time, the songs from "Lemonade" are clearly aimed at infidelity and special relationships where a third external element arrives and hinders the happiness of one of the parties. The famous writers names collide between Kevin Garnett, Diana Gordon, Thomas Wesley Pentz and Beyoncé.

Great "Best Music Film" Category Contestant

The "Best Music Film" category has been re-named different times throughout the years by the Grammy Awards committee. From "Best Video Album" (1984-1985) to "Best Long Form Music Video" (1998-2013), this section has pretty much being filled by DVD concert formats, and a high-quality music film like "Lemonade" makes the difference between the other nominees that pretty much consist of Live concerts with incorporated features like interviews and backstage. Past winners on this category include Amy Winehouse for "Amy," Madonna for "The Confessions Tour: Live from London," and Janet Jackson for "Rhythm Nation 1814."

Yonce The interesting elements of the videos, makes us predict 'Lemonade' visual album will be the best music film of the year on the Grammy's. Screenshot/ Youtube/ BeyonceVevo

According To Critics And Sales, "Lemonade" Is A Better Option Than "Anti"

Although Rihanna's "Anti" is an album with an excellent production and focus, for the selection of a prize like the Grammy's, Beyonce's album of has more resources that can be evaluated, according to critics. The fact that "Lemonade" contains a high-caliber film production adds up points when it comes to being chosen over "Anti" in categories such as "Best Music Film" or "Best Music Video." It is still unclear why "Work" wasn’t included as "Song Of The Year" after the massive success of the song, but Adele and Beyoncé are probably really happy about it.

"Becky With The Good Hair" Marketing Strategy

Even if "Becky" was real or not, this unknown lady really helped out Lemonade's sales go all the way to number one. Jay Z's alleged "affair" was the number one topic for the first three weeks after the release of the album, and remember, sales are everything!

Social Criticism Content Of The Album

The inclusion of a strong social criticism helped Queen Bee's album spread all over the world. Some of the subject it touches are empowering black women, and standing against violence, especially violence against innocent black young men. "Lemonade" included appearances of Mike Brown's and Trayvon Martin's mothers, since both young men were killed by the police this last year.

'Lemonade' Includes New Genres

On "Daddy Lessons," for the first time on an album, Beyonce sings Country and takes advantage to reach the attention of a different audience. This brings 'Lemonade' an intense diversity that could lead her into a new direction musically speaking. For the Country Music Awards, she performed this song featuring Dixie Chicks and they killed it. 

Great Collaborations                     

Knowles has always been very selective with the duos she makes and for her last work she couldn’t have been more. Jack White, The Weeknd, James Blake and Kendrick Lamar were her selection to collaborate in four of the best songs on the album. 

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