Gran Turismo 6 is out on December 6, just two more days away! With less than 48 hours until release, Polyphony has unveiled more details about its car list, specifically its new Red Bull concept car. The purpose of the Red Bull experimental concept for Gran Turismo is to fulfill one single dream: to throw away the rule book and create the fastest, most extreme, money-no-option, racing car the world has ever seen. Simply put, the Red Bull X2014 experimental is pure mad science for your virtual driving pleasure.

The Red Bull X2014 follows many of the elements first introduced in the Red Bull X1 concept introduced in 2010. While gamers unfamiliar with Formula 1 will assume the Red Bull association as nothing more than a commercial partnership between the energy drink company and the video game, it's actually a lot more than that. Red Bull Racing is currently the reigning Formula 1 constructor champion for four years in a row (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013). The genius behind Red Bull Racing's success is its resident Leonardo Da Vinci, chief technical officer Adrian Newey.

According to GTPlanet, Adrian Newey has designed three variations of the Red Bull X2014 for Gran Turismo 6. The Red Bull X2014 Fan car is the ultimate speed machine, featuring a massive fan installed to the bottom of the racing car to create unreal downforce that enables the car to grip and corner at g-forces beyond the limits of a human body unless a racing driver wore a g-suit. One step below the Red Bull X2014 Fan car is the X2014 Standard car followed by the entry X2014 Junior car.

It's difficult for us to wrap our heads around the awesomeness that is the Red Bull X2014. Thankfully, Gran Turismo 6 boasts its car list will exceed 1,200 different vehicles. Among the exciting list of vehicles in Gran Turismo 6 includes the highly anticipated BMW M4 Coupe, which will not enter showrooms until the summer of 2014. The addition was announced when Gran Turismo 6 hosted its launch party at the Ascari Race Resort circuit in Spain. A camouflaged version of t he BMW M4 Coupe was featured at the track. According to BMWBlog, the BMW M4 Coupe will be available as a free update shortly after the release of Gran Turismo 6. Stay tuned as we find out more from the growing list of car additions that will be available in Gran Turismo 6.

Be sure to pre-order Gran Turismo 6 for bonus goodies! The press video of the Red Bull X2014 has yet to air but we think it's appropriate to revisit the marvel of the Red Bull X1 and its cutting edge technology: