It has been a long time coming for “Gravity Rush 2” ever since its predecessor was released on PlayStation Vita four years ago. Thankfully, the remastered sequel is officially going to launch this year, with pre-orders already available on PlayStation Network.

Pre-order of the digital version of “Gravity Rush 2” officially started on Tuesday, two weeks after PlayStation Blog announced that pre-orders will be accommodated starting Aug. 2.

Players who are still pondering if it is best to pre-order the game or just wait for it until it officially launches in the fourth quarter should not wonder anymore, since PlayStation is luring all of them to pre-order the game as quickly as possible with various bonus content.

Apparently, those who will pre-order the PlayStation 4-exclusive title will be getting special features that will not be available to players who will purchase the game during or after its launch.

The bonus features are region-specific. For example, the Europe market will be getting a special theme, while the North American market will receive a total of 10 avatars for Syd, Raven, Kat and Dusty, according to Siliconera

Specifically, Syd will have the smile, surprised and normal avatars. Raven will get the smile, angry and normal avatars, while Kat will come with the smile, angry and normal avatars. The tenth avatar is going to be Dusty. 

Meanwhile, pre-ordered versions from North American, Europe and the UK regions will all be getting a special white costume for Kat and a Director’s Cut Soundtrack.

In related news, an anime version of the game will be released prior the official release of the action-adventure game this December. Produced by Studio Khara, the show will be titled “Gravity Rush The Animation,” and it is expected to tell the story on what happened in-between the original “Gravity Rush” and the sequel.

On the other hand, despite being a remastered version of the original, “Gravity Rush 2” still follows the same physics-defying mechanics. What sets the new version apart from the original is its expansive size and new missions, as pointed out by Engadget

In addition, the sequel also has a new character, a mysterious guardian angel who is said to assist Kat in fighting against the Nevi enemies. The new character has the ability to instantly regenerate health through crystallization.

“Gravity Rush 2” is going to be released on Dec. 2. Check out its amazing trailer below.