Don't let your kids stay in their PJ’s all day long! Learn here some grooming tips. Photo by Séan Gorman on Unsplash

Spending the school day at home doesn’t mean your kids should stay in their PJ’s all day long! With some morning grooming, they’ll forget for a moment that they’re staying home for the day.

Below are a few recommendations to help continue kids’ good hygiene habits on a daily basis: AXE’s all-new Wild Bamboo Deodorant Stick (now with essential oils), Styling Texturizing Cream, and Oil Blaster with Charcoal Shampoo.

Wild Bamboo Deodorant Stick: The first dermatologist-tested AXE collection created with essential oils formulated without additives (aluminum, parabens, or dyes) that’s milder on the skin and perfect for those intimate at-home school sessions without leaving an overbearing presence!

AXE Styling Texturizing Cream: The same great texture and shape properties as before, this new formula is now made with natural beeswax to deliver on a stronghold without the sticky hand feeling.

AXE Oil Blaster with Charcoal Shampoo: For tackling oily hair residue, this charcoal-infused shampoo washes away impurities, and works for any hair type without overdrying out strands or messing with color. This is perfect for kids to get in that morning-ready mindset, and feel fresh to hit the books!

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