Yet another "Grand Theft Auto V" leak has emerged and this one has to have the creators over at Rockstar Games losing it. The official release date for the game is September 17, but somehow gamers got their hands on the game before the rest of the public and now the entire game has leaked on various torrent sites as well as YouTube and any other site you can upload a video to. The game is just as raunchy as ever. There are scenes depicting necrophilia, cult activity and fellatio. "Some sequences within the larger game allow players to use narcotics...cocaine is also depicted. Players' character can, at various times, consume alcohol and drive while under the influence," says.

A clip of the leaked "GTA V" depicts the game's main character Franklin steeling a plane in order to escape from police. writes, "The footage is enough to leave fans drooling, with the plane seen soaring over a lush, thriving Los Santos.

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As "Grand Theft Auto V" reaches stores ready to hit the shelves, the leaks are coming through thick and fast with the game's official map emerging earlier in the week, which shows a vast playable world. Metro believes the YouTube video showing the leaked game will likely be taken down shortly. For eager fans they gave a rundown of one of the stories in the game.

After ditching a car Franklin boards a "MyFly" jet in order to flee the cops. A helicopter chases him but the criminal is able to escape. Believing he is safe high in the sky, Franklin decides to barrel roll the plane and inevitably ends up crashing. International Business Times writes, "The leaker posted 'GTA 5' gameplay videos featuring tons of content, including Trevor, Michael and Franklin doing various things. You'll also see multiple cars, guns, combat, the Ammunition gun store, various activities and much, much, more."

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