The joy of "GTA 5" is just as much about the range of missions and challenges as it is simply about the cars. However, there has been a recent trend of strange reports regarding exploding Duke O Death vehicles. For players unfamiliar with the Duke O Death, it is a rare vehicle that is available in the single player campaign. However, some players have successfully carried their single player car collection over to GTA Online. Now, Rockstar has caught wind of this activity and has employed a patch to stop it.

According to "GTA 5" tipster Funmw2, the patch is simply a native source code that reads "SET_VEHICLE_UNDRIVEABLE." However, the way that it works is very interesting: When you enter into your personal Duke O Death from the garage, the vehicle can be driven out as usual. However, once it has exited the garage, the vehicle will not be able to move at all. What's more, players will notice black smoke coming out from the engine. No matter, you can call up Mors Mutual Insurance in the game and they will gladly deliver a second Duke O Death to the front of your garage. However, the very moment you open the door to enter the vehicle, the Duke O'Death will explode into a ball of flames and kill you.

It is clear that Rockstar has essentially made the Duke O'Death a car bomb in GTA Online. There are many super rare, highly sought after vehicles from the "GTA 5" single player mode including the Go Go Monkey Blista . However it seems as though the Duke O'Death is the only example that Rockstar has turned into a car bomb. At least for now.

According to Funmw2, the next "GTA 5" update may disable even more vehicles that were once available in the previous "GTA 5" Heists DLC.

"Looks like @RockstarGames will blacklist duke o'death and some of heists vehicles within the next update," expalined Funmw2.

Be sure to check out the Funmw2's tweet below and watch the video that explains the Duke O Death car bomb glitch: