Who needs to wait for Rockstar for a brand new "GTA 5" DLC when you can simply create your own gameplay mods on PC? The latest "GTA 5" PC version was only released last month, but creative modders have already produced a number of incredible creations.

"GTA 5" tipster and YouTuber iCrazyTeddy compiled some of his favorite "GTA 5" mods that are currently available on PC. In the video, really amazing mods include Flying Cars, Gang Members, a Mod Menu, and even a North Yankton mod!

The flying cars mod is self explanatory. Next, the "GTA 5" mod menu allows you to access any mod options on the fly. This includes customizations like infinite health, explosive ammo, super jump, and more.

The Gang Members mod is where it gets interesting. This "GTA 5" mod allows you to spawn gang members or body-guards to protect yourself from other enemies. Finally, the North Yankton mod allows you to travel to the North Yankton location on the in-game map. The mod recreates all the North Yankton weather textures including snow-covered police cars, mud on the ground, and a snow-and-gravel terrain.

Other available mods include complete character customization. Players can choose their character's costume, skin color, gender, hair, and so on.

In order to try the flying cars, gang members, and North Yankton mods on "GTA 5" PC for yourself, be sure to download the Native Trainer with North Yankton loader. Following the installation, simply start the game after the launcher and trainer and you should be good to go. To learn more about the mods, be sure to watch the video by iCrazyTeddy below:


BONUS: Here's a video of the falling whale mod that's also available for "GTA 5" PC!