GTA 5 Zombies DLC gameplay
"GTA 5" Zombie Apocalypse is one of the craziest mods we've ever seen! Chr0m3xMoDz / YouTube

The highly anticipated "GTA 5" Heists DLC is going to be a major update for the game, but the newly leaked Zombies DLC is in many ways the more significant item. Earlier this month, "GTA 5" leakers first stumbled upon a possible Zombie DLC pack when a "main_ZMB" string was discovered in a source code. In a matter of hours, a "SPZOMBIES" source code confirmed the rumors.

Now, building upon the "GTA 5" Zombies DLC buzz is a new mod created by Chr0m3xMoDz that is titled "Zombie Apocalypse." Ch0m3xMoDz was one of the leakers responsible for sharing breaking Zombies DLC information. To celebrate his recent jolt in publicity, traffic, and YouTube subscribers, Chr0m3xMoDz created the mod and shored the sick gameplay in his latest YouTube video.

According to Chr0m3xMoDz, the "Zombie Apocalypse" mod features a convincing zombie character skin complete with a bloody shirt and sunken undead faces. To amplify the "apocalypse" feeling, a green sky combined with rain from black clouds makes the cursed city of Los Santos look like a complete nightmare. As for gameplay, a swarm of zombies will run at you while you're standing and minding your own business. Unlike the walkers from "The Walking Dead," The zombies in this mod are runners and even carry melee weapons like sticks and hammers.

Meanwhile, GTA 5 players can still use an array of melee weapons, guns, and even cars to mow down the infected mob. Unlike survival games like "Resident Evil" or "The Last Of Us," weapons and ammo are more generous and the open map is significantly less claustrophobic.

Let us know what you think about the latest "GTA 5" Zombie Apocalypse mod by Ch0m3xMoDz. What would you like to see in the upcoming "GTA 5" Zombie DLC update? Leave your comments below.

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