'GTA Online’ Gameplay Release Date: Rockstar Outlines Details For 'Grand Theft Auto V' Online

"Grand Theft Auto Online"is scheduled for release on Oct. 1. rockstargames.com

"Grand Theft Auto Online" is finally set for release and Rockstar has revealed their desire to create an entire "GTA" world "that consists of everything we've done or are going to do then let the player freely move between them." Leslie Benzies, president of Rockstar North dished about the production and development of "GTA Online". In the latest issue of Game Informer Benzies revealed that the studio has been creating and developing "GTA Online" since the release of "GTA III." "GTA Online" will be "a world with the complexity of a single-player Grand Theft Auto game with the addition of real players." Benzies explains, that the team at Rockstar aspired to create, "a world where people could spend years without getting bored of playing the same content over and over."

And luckily for fans of the game series, it seems that Rockstar has delivered, Benzies revealed, "I think we've managed to achieve something very close to our dream." The long development and creation process from Rockstar has led to some amazing game features. "GTA Online" will be filled with players of your friends and crew members, following this players will then experience a shift to compete against players of a similar skill level from your geographic region. There is an option to allow gamers to handpick each player in "GTA Online". According to IGN, when players begin their online gameplay, they will choose their "character's parents, lifestyle and preferences, all of which determine your starting statistics, which can be upgraded." Gamers will also be able to select a female avatar.

Gamers will be familiar with the gameplay, all familiar "GTA" activities from the single-player campaign will be available online including "heists, missions, robberies, assaulting gang hideouts, hijacking armored vehicles, races" along with "tennis, golf and base jumping." The game will even feature notable locations, including Liberty City. The idea of the game is simple: make money, and buy assets. Cars and houses are vital for survival, with cheap homes offering 2 garage spaces for storing cars, while expensive ones will ensure 10 parking spaces for your rides. Gamers will also want to familiarize themselves with the ATM, rival players will attempt to kill you and take your loot right from your pockets. But if you do get robbed, revenge is sweet; gamers can put a bounty on the perpetrator's head.

The online component of Grand Theft Auto V will be vital to the games success on the World Wide Web. For gamers over 500 missions will be available in "GTA Online" when "GTA V" launches, some of which can be completed solo while others will require you to team up. "Grand Theft Auto V" is due out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on Sept. 17, with "Grand Theft Auto Online" scheduled to launch two weeks later on Oct. 1.


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