Rockstar "GTA V" PC
Image Twitter/@RockstarSupport

"GTA V" PC release date may be just a hair closer. The latest from Rockstar's Twitter feed suggests that the gaming giant may be announcing the PC version of their hugely popular game soon. After dozens of fans tweeted at the gaming site, Rockstar finally responded with: "Keep an eye out for info on that on our newswire page:" Now this doesn't constitute anything like an official announcement, but it is a far cry from "We have nothing to share," which they have tweeted before.

"GTA V"s PC release date may come soon: certainly PC gamers will be keeping a more careful eye on the Rockstar website. However, as Games Blend suggests, this may equally be an automated response released accidentally by some Rockstar lackey. But we like to be a little bit more optimisitc. The furore surrounding the game's console version has certainly died down. And with the release of PS4 and XBox One, surely an update is on the way. This would indicate an imminent release of the"GTA V" PC version.

"GTA V" PC info has leaked in dribs and drabs over the last few months. While at the moment all we have is rumor and speculation, it does seem like an early 2014 release date would make sense for the game. Til then, we will have to keep our eyes on

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