After having successfully escaped the city of Berne, Fafner, Manasfa, and Nahta will be facing a new set of trials and challenges in “Guardian of the Witch” Chapter 3. But the most exciting revelation will come from Nahta as she divulges how to transform Manasfa from a witch to a human.

‘Guardian of the Witch Chapter 2 recap

Despite Fafner’s unexpected decision to save Manasfa from the Guardians, Nahta wasn’t pleased. After all, it would mean that they’ll become traitors and hunted down by all of the Guardians in Berne. After the inevitable capture, Manasfa will be executed as a traitor, not as an honorable witch.

But it was Manasfa who settled Nahta and Fafner’s argument. She said that she wanted to continue to live and be the last witch alive as promised by Fafner. With that settled, Nahta was no longer putting up any resistance and the trio planned on how to escape the city-state of Berne.

The entire city of Berne was shocked when news broke that the city’s witch escaped. What was even more surprising was the fact that she had the help of a Guardian, as well as her maid, to make her escape.

The three were branded as traitors overnight. And just like that, the city’s citizenry demanded that they, the “rebels,” be killed.

Anticipating their escape from the city, several archers were posted on top of the city wall to shoot them down. When the trio approached the wall, the archers rained arrows down on them.

But to the surprise of his former Guardian colleagues, Fafner deflected all the arrows with just his sword. As the trio dashed towards the wall, Fafner promised to both Manasfa and Nahta that he’ll treat them to good food once they successfully get out of the wall.

‘Guardian of the Witch Chapter 3 predictions

With no fighter strong enough to stop Fafner, the trio eventually made it outside. But just because they’ve already escaped the city does not mean that they’re already out of trouble in “Guardian of the Witch” Chapter 3.

On the contrary, more trouble could be heading their way. They are now three of the most wanted persons in the whole of the Federated City-States and are now classified as S-tier fugitives.

There is even a massive bounty for their capture. Anyone who managed to bring them in would be rewarded with 100 million ruves by the government.

With such massive amount, bounty hunters will surely cause them endless trouble in “Guardian of the Witch” Chapter 3. On top of that, they’ll likely encounter more of those grotesque creatures called evils.

But the more interesting is that the possibility of a cure for Manasfa might already be revealed in “Guardian of the Witch” Chapter 3. Previously, Nahta promised that she will tell how to revert Manasfa back to being a normal human once they’re out of the walls. But is there really hope for a cure?

“Guardian of the Witch” Chapter 3 will be released on Feb. 16.