Guillermo Dávila In Critical Condition
The 59-year-old singer was hospitalized after falling ill during a tour in Puerto Rico. Twitter

Guillermo Dávila continues his recovery after falling ill during a tour in Puerto Rico. The 59-year-old actor and singer had been falsely declared dead in social media, but his rep Neisha Torres León, debunked those horrible rumors and updated the public on his condition. "Guillermo went from a delicate state to a lighter state and his recover is progressing thank God," she said in a press release. Dávila's wife was seemingly upset after those death hoax went viral. "Guillermo is stable and doctors have lowered the quantity of medication, which is great positive," she told EFE. "The attention that we've received from the team of professionals gives me confidence and security that Guillermo's recover will continue progressing." Meanwhile, Dávila's daughter, María Elena Dávila, has also weighed in on his father's recuperation. "Right now he has pneumonia but he is in free recovery," she said.

Guillermo Dávila has been hospitalized since last Tuesday after falling ill during a promotional tour in Puerto Rico. Now the 59-year-old seems to be doing a lot better according to his colleague Carlos Mata. The latter singer gave fans an update on his Facebook page about Dávila's condition. "Guillermo is doing much better. Thank God," he wrote. Earlier in the day he wrote, "I have just finished talking to María Elena, Guillermo's daughter. He is still tubed up and he is still sedated. The doctor hasn't wanted him to take up yet until they know exactly what he has and what treatment to follow. For now his lungs are full of liquid and he is breathing artificially, but everything is under control. Let's hope to God that everything turns out well."

Dávila was in the island on a promotional tour with his "Idolos" concert. During one of his stops he was rushed to the hospital where he fell ill with chills, excessive sweating, fever and fatigue. Doctors currently have him sedated so his body concentrates on stabilizing itself. The singer's next presentation is scheduled for November 15 at the Hilton in San Juan, which has not been postponed as of yet. Medics are hopeful that Guillermo will be able to get past this as he is not using medical equipment to stabilize his health. Producer of the concert informed a local news outlet that Dávila was already fatigued when he got to the country when he requested to be seen by a doctor on Tuesday evening. We hope Guillermo Dávila a speedy recovery.

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