A person roll-plays as a character from the series The Squid Games
Man Creates Epic Squid Game-themed Halloween Lights Photo by Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

Another evolution of Halloween costumes has taken flight this year in the guise of the Netflix Original global hit series "Squid Game." There’s no denying the South Korean nine-episode thriller has taken hold of series fandom giving it a sure shot at becoming Netflix’s most popular show.

The runaway hit show is set in South Korea where people deep in debt are invited as contestants to play a series of children’s games where they have a chance at winning 45.6 billion won ($38.5 million). Each contestant must beat 455 other opponents, however, the tricky catch is that losers in the game die.

Since the show’s release on Sept. 17, many of the show’s visual elements have gone viral. Fans have taken to DIY-or-else dalgona candy, as well as its weaponized Red Light Green Light robot doll.

Way before Halloween decorations have been set up, the terrifying robot doll has managed to make its way into city traffic lights in countries such as the Philippines - terrifying jaywalkers who disobey pedestrian rules as they make their way through a busy commercial area. The robot doll, akin to the show’s “Red Light, Green Light” game, flashes its ominous red eyes from time to time as it stands at the stairway of a mall’s entrance where passersby and pedestrians crossing the street are made to think twice before intending to jaywalk.

As the international day of ghoulish dress-up draws near, manufacturers of green track suits and pink jumpsuits in Korea are up to the brim in orders as a surge in demand hits the production line for the much coveted look. The standard issue normcore tracksuits worn by the Game’s contestants has retail aggregator Lyst, recording significant increase in global searches for the retro inspired tracksuits such as the red boiler suits, white numbered T-shirts, white slip-on sneakers and the show’s ubiquitous green track suits.

According to Sky News, factories in South Korea have been humming with sewing machines dishing out green and pink threads in a race to meet orders before Halloween. Korean factory owner, Kim jin-ja said they are now in the process of putting together 6,000 teal green tracksuits for toddlers and children.

Halloween Trick or Treaters need not go through all the mad order rush to get the "Squid Game" look. Just adopt any pair of plain green sweatpants and a hoodie, apply white fabric strips and top it with an ID number and you’re in the game! In the same manner, a red track suit set and black tights pulled over one's face can recreate the show's boiler suits.

Equally popular is the Red Light, Green Light doll which can be easily done with a few tweaks of a bright yellow shirt or blouse worn under an orange skater-type dress. Pull on some white knee socks and get those pigtails tied to finish off the sinister doll look.

A woman poses with a mask from the Netflix TV series 'The Squid Game'
A woman poses with a mask from the Netflix TV series 'The Squid Game' on October 28, 2021 in Madrid, Spain. Many Halloween events and large-scale decorations are back this year after many events were cancelled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Photo by David Benito/Getty Images

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