Happy Boss Day
Happy National Boss's Day. Shutterstock/Pushkarevskyy

Each year Oct. 16 marks the secular holiday National Boss's Day in the U.S. Canada and Lithuania. Boss's Day was created for the purpose of strengthening the bond between employer and employee. Traditionally the day is used for employees to thank their bosses for being kind and fair throughout the year.

To celebrate the holiday we have compiled a list of the best and worst bosses in TV history from "Seinfeld's" J. Peterman to "The Simpsons" Mr. Burns. Check out the full list below:


Leslie Knope, "Parks and Recreation" - Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) the waffle-obsessed city councilwoman is the best boss we've ever seen. Alhough her persistent nature can get annoying at times Knope is the queen of giving gifts and unique compliments, plus she sees the best in her people.

Parks and Recreation
The cast of "Parks and Recreation" including Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope and Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson. NBC

Ron Swanson, "Parks and Recreation" - The mustachioed director of the Pawnee, Indiana Parks and Recreation department, Swanson (Nick Offerman) is a devoted libertarian who wishes the government didn't exist and often times even encourages his employees to slack off. But if you happen to be a friend to this man he is the most reliable person in your life.

Liz Lemon, "30 Rock" - Lemon (Tina Fey) might have been outspoken, kind of mean and had a weird obsession with food, but that's some of what made her a great character and boss. Liz is fearless, dealing with Tracy (Tracy Morgan) and Jenna's (Jane Jane Krakowski) crazy, she was never afraid to call it as she seen it and she genuinely cared for all her employees and friends.

30 Rock
The cast of "30 Rock" with Tina Fey as Liz Lemon and Alec Baldwin as Jack Donoghue. NBC

Jack Donaghy, "30 Rock" - Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) is the businesslike head of NBC and just wants to climb the ladder to become CEO of General Electric. Underneath his hard exterior is a caring man who uses his wealth and connections to help the people around him become better.

Michael Scott, "The Office" - Steve Carell's Michael Scott from "The Office," is no doubt a bumbling doofus who had to buy himself a "World's Best Boss" mug—but in the end, proved to his staff he had nothing but great intentions and a warm heart.

The Office
The cast of "The Office." NBC

Bob Belcher, "Bob's Burgers" - While Bob's employees are his three kids and wife that doesn't make him any less of a boss and a great boss at that. Bob can be a bit selfish and sarcastic at times but without a doubt he is a caring and attentive boss, husband and father.

Tony Soprano, "The Sopranos"- Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) was the literal "boss" of the DiMeo crime family who ran a mob empire—leaving a lot of bodies in his wake, but if you were in his good graces and a loyal follower you were well taken care of.


Mr. Burns, "The Simpsons" - Mr. Burns (voiced by Harry Shearer), is the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and most discernerable by his catchphrase "Excellent, excellent." He's also Homer Simpson's boss, and the definition of an evil manager—he's cruel, cunning, cowardly and greedy.

Mr. Burns
"The Simpsons" Mr. Burns. WalmartWall/Screenshot

J. Peterman, "Seinfeld" - John O'Hurley portrays the eccentric leader of the famous J. Peterman catalog, who subjects Elaine Benes (Julia Louis Dreyfus) to his every whim.

Gordon Ramsay, "Hell's Kitchen" - The name speaks for itself! If you've seen any season of "Hell's Kitchen" then you know just how terrifying it must be to work for Gordon Ramsay.

Frank Underwood, "House of Cards" - Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is perhaps the most ruthless boss we've ever seen. Cynical and endlessly manipulative, Underwood callously uses fellow politicians, lobbying firms and the news media for his own personal gain. In Underwood's presence no one is safe if he can find a reason to use you.

Bill Clinton & Kevin Spacey
Bill Clinton and "House of Cards" actor Kevin Spacey. Reuters

Dr. Bob Kelso, "Scrubs" - Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital, Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) is known for his penny-pinching ways and penchant for kicking out patients who don't have insurance.

Gregory House, "House" - House (Hugh Laurie) is a dysfunctional, childish, distrustful, drug addict jerk who treats his employees like pawns and his patients like idiots. He's also a genius, so it's unlikely that you'll outmanuever him.

The cast of "House" season 2. House Wikia

Amanda Woodward, "Melrose Place" - The CEO of her own advertising firm, Amanda ruled her employees with an iron fist. Heather Locklear was nominated for four consecutive Golden Globes for her portrayal of the ruthless boss.

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