Prince Harry has been slammed for "virtue-signaling" as he waded into United States politics during his speech at an informal meeting of the United Nations General Assembly amid news of Meghan Markle running for the White House.

The 37-year-old Duke of Sussex was accompanied by his wife, Meghan, 40, they were seen arriving hand-in-hand at UN headquarters in New York on Monday ahead of his speech to delegates on climate change and poverty. It was the first time the pair have been seen in public since traveling to the United Kingdom to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee.

The event was supposed to be in celebration of Nelson Mandela Day, however, Harry launched an attack on American politics during his keynote speech about the legacy of Mandela. Harry said it was part of a "global assault on democracy and freedom." He also spoke about Russia's invasion of Ukraine among the problems facing the world. Harry then commented on the dangers of climate change, the coronavirus pandemic, and "weaponizing lies and disinformation."

Harry's speech on politics comes as rumors continue to emerge that Meghan has intentions of running for U.S. president as she repeatedly makes moves as a political activist — she joined forces with Gloria Steinem to get the Equal Rights Amendment ratified and insisted on her willingness to march in Washington DC against the Roe v Wade abortion ruling.

Meghan McCain slammed Harry for "not offering any solutions" to the issues in America, Daily Mail reported. "Today was a missed opportunity to keep the focus on one of the truly great global leaders of all time, Nelson Mandela. The speech should have been entirely a tribute to this man. But Prince Harry can't help himself. He has to get in his virtue-signaling."

"He wants you to know that he thinks America is a mess and he is judging it from his lectern. He's not offering solutions of any kind, mind you, just making a speech and getting back on his private jet to return to his mansion in California."

Piers Morgan also questioned Harry's presence at the historic event, saying "Is there anyone less qualified to invoke the memory of one of the greatest men in history?" Morgan described Harry as "dumb as a rock, breathtakingly arrogant, woefully hypocritical, deserted his family and country, is a permanently miserable whiny mood-hoover," clearly opposite of Mandela's "fiercely intelligent and remarkably resilient" attitude.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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