Coronavirus or Covid-19 has, to date, infected more than 95,000 people and killed at least 3,300 worldwide. And matching the speed with which the virus is traveling are myths about the disease, of which some are true and some are pure speculations not backed by facts. So, in this scenario, how to know whether it is developing into an even deadlier disease?

As per the genetic analysis of the 103 samples of the virus, taken from patients in Wuhan and other cities by scientists in China, there are two main strains L and S of the virus. They found that compared to the L strain is more “aggressive” i.e., it transmits easily and replicates faster inside the body more easily or replicating faster inside the body. But as of now, there is no proof that any of the two versions can cause more severe symptoms over time. 

But if compared to the common flue coronavirus is definitely more dangerous even though the symptoms they both share are very common. It is the mortality rate with coronavirus which makes it more serious as it has a fatality rate of 1%, making it 10 times more deadly than seasonal flu. 

And despite many claims that coronavirus only makes the elderly critically ill as they have other underlying health conditions, younger people are also facing an equal risk. As mentioned, coronavirus is more dangerous than seasonal flu and can cause far severe respiratory symptoms than the latter. Also, the ones who are exposed to the virus directly and for longer periods are at more risk of contracting it, like health workers, no matter how young or old they are. The only part someone’s age or health condition will play is younger and healthier people are more prone to follow quarantine instructions and will be ensuring that the virus doesn’t spread further. 

While wearing a mask is not going to give you 100% protection from the virus, it does capture droplets, a main transmission route of coronavirus. So, anyone who has already the disease should wear it at all times in order to avoid infecting others.

Coronavirus Covid-19 USA, California Passengers wear face masks to protect against the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) after arriving at the LAX airport in Los Angeles, California on March 5, 2020. - California has declared a state of emergency as the number of novel coronavirus cases and deaths in the US continues to climb. MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images