Univision's primetime telenovela "Hasta El Fin Del Mundo" stars Pedro Fernández and Marjorie De Sousa. The soap is the story of a race car driver that ends up working as a chauffeur for a classy businesswoman. Little by little they start falling in love, but she is afraid to lose him due to his risky profession. Both have already shared their first kiss, but it's a kiss Sofía Ripoll (De Sousa) doesn't want to remember as she doesn't want to act on her feelings for Chava (Fernández). In an upcoming episode, Chava challenges her to tell him that one of his kisses doesn't mean anything to her. He holds her tight and plants a big wet one on her and end up kissing passionately.

The steamy kiss comes amidst rumors that Pedro Fernández is quitting the telenovela over concerns from his wife and daughters. Maxine Woodside said on her show that the actor's last day on set will be November 31 (which doesn't exist), but a further report claims that the differences between the actors has been resolved and no changes are expected. Another rumor pointed to the producer Nicandro Diaz eliminating any sex or contact scenes between the two, as that would eliminate tension between the family and the actors on scene. This last option doesn't seem to be a good way out as telenovelas are known for their passionate scenes between the two lead actors. Watch the kiss between Chava and Sofía down below!