Keanu Reeves has found love once again, and we couldn't be happier. According to DailyMail, the Matrix star has fallen head over heels for an artist named Alexandra Grant. What makes her so different is she possesses a plethora of qualities that most women Hollywood shy away from. 

The 46-year-old Grant is, of course, stunning with her grey hair and casual style. But, that's not what caught Keanu's eyes, it was apparently because Grant is sensitive, kind, and spiritual. 

Known for being extremely private, Keanu Reeves was so taken with the artist's kind nature that he found himself opening up to her about some of his biggest struggles and problems. More specifically, he began opening up to her about his emotions over the death of his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Syme. 

In 1999, Syme and Keanu were expecting, but unfortunately, their baby girl Ava was stillborn. Maybe it was the grief that led to the couple's breakup. However, tragedy struck again when Jennifer died in a car accident the same year. She was 28 at that time, and her loss was a huge blow to Keanu. 

keanureeves09021964_73470567_733336427149686_2178212601329524064_n Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves Instagram

Alexandra has been a constant support to Reeves and has helped him cope with his heartache. We all know that although Reeves is a movie star, he keeps his private life completely guarded. However, it seems different with Grant. Her sensitive nature has enabled him to lower his guard and face his emotions. 

According to a friend, "He was in such a dark place for so long, but Alexandra's positive outlook and support have played a huge part in helping him turn his life around."

Another source has been quoted saying, "Some say she 's not only stolen his heart but she 's also saved him."

It is said that Grant has a very warm nature and is absolutely lovely. The couple has been spending a lot of quality time together, and they look completely in sync. In fact, when the actor was promoting John Wick 3, she was by his side, and they traveled together.