Henry Santos
Henry Santos talked to us about his upcoming album and new single. Check out our exclusive video here! Jessica Lucia Roiz / Latin Times

After 21 sold-out gigs with the boys of Aventura in New York City, Henry Santos is ready to continue his solo career and will kick off 2016 with a new album. The Dominican artist is currently making the rounds with his romantic bachata called "Quedate," second single off of his forthcoming production titled "Henry The Third Deluxe." In the midst of his busy schedule, we caught up with the 36-year-old crooner to get the latest scoop.

"It's a song that goes totally against what I'm living right now... the happiest times in my life," he told Latin Times. "'Quedate' is about a guy who doesn't want his girlfriend to leave, so he looks for every type of metaphor for her to understand that she needs to stay, that the love is real," he added. "Quedate" follows the release of "Y Eres Tan Bella," first single off of Santos' upcoming album out April 8th.

"I was ready to launch 'Henry The Third,' but in the process I came across a song that was huge in Cuba two years ago," he said of the song "Si Me Besa Tu Boca." "I was trying to get the license from Leoni Torres, he loved the song so much in bachata that he jumped in the track," he added, stating that other collaborations were born in the process. "I have a song with Gente De Zona, Maffio, it was a better choice to extend it and make it a deluxe version," he told Latin Times.

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