Meghan Markle as the President of the United States? Would you want that? Well, Nick Bullen, who has been making shows about the royal family for years now, seems to. 

His new documentary entitled, Meghan for Presidency?  gives insight into what a formidable candidate Markle would be if ever she chose to go down that path.

While talking to Fox News, the royal filmmaker said, “Meghan is rewriting the royal rule book and her desire to bring about change… She’s determined to make a difference. I could see her going down that route because she’s not going to stop with just being the Duchess of Sussex. There’s much more to Meghan, and I think we’re only just beginning to see the early days of what Meghan Markle will really do now that she has this global platform.”

meghan-markle-prince-harry The Duchess and Duke of Sussex are pictured on Jan. 14, 2019, in Birkenhead, United Kingdom. Danny Lawson/WPA Pool/Getty Images

The documentary is indeed fascinating as it features interviews with old friends of Meghan, including her elementary school teacher Ilise Faye and Liz Kores, who was her sorority sister in Northwestern. And that’s not all. You will also see new never-seen-before footage of a young Meghan, who at just ten-years-old campaigned against the Gulf War. We get to see the little activist in action, doing what she believes is right. 

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Ilise Faye said that Meghan was always someone who stood up for others. And, the inspiration to campaign against the war had come from one of her friends, whose brother was sent overseas to serve. 

Meghan Markle Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is pictured attending a panel discussion convened by the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust on March 8, 2019, in London. Daniel Leal-Olivas - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Faye said, “She was one of those children that would stand up for the underdog, she would stand up for what she believed in, and she was a leader amongst her friends, her peer group.”

Her sorority sister also had a story to share. She quotes an incident that occurred during a sorority meeting. Kores said, “At our sorority chapter meeting, I stood up and said, ‘Hey guys I’m thinking of volunteering with this organization called Glass Slipper Project, it’s an organization that was giving prom dresses to girls who couldn’t afford them - who wants to come with me?’ And Meg’s hand was up right away.”

Meghan has always been a passionate advocate for the causes she believes in, and we think she might make a great President. However, the Palace sources said that it would never be a possibility!