A 52-year-old nanny from Brooklyn was confirmed dead from her injuries on Friday, Dec. 31, after she pushed a one-year-old toddler out of the way of a truck and got hit by it in the process.

Fifty-two-year-old Arcellie “Celi” Muschamp, an immigrant from Belize, was struck by a truck on Dec. 20 while taking around 1-year-old child Rowan in a stroller. She pushed the stroller out of the way to prevent the child from being hit by the truck, the New York Daily News reported.

“Sadly, Celi was unable to survive the injuries and she passed away earlier today surrounded by love, comfort and family,” Rowan’s father, Patrick Mullen, said. “My wife and I will forever consider her the guardian angel of our son Rowan, whom she saved through her actions and sacrifice.”

Muschamp underwent brain surgery after she was taken to the New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, which was successful; in spite of that, her injuries were believed to have been too severe to survive, according to the Chronicle.

“My mom was the most selfless person ever and that shows with her actions,” Muschamp’s daughter Rahzel said. “She truly loved the kids she looked after her.”

Rahzel has expressed anger at the unnamed 68-year-old truck driver who hit her mother, who has not been charged. The orphaned daughter believes that the suspect deserves to be punished for Muschamp’s death.

“The driver was completely at fault,” she said. “The driver failed to yield. He wasn’t supposed to make that turn. Everyone wants justice. It’s hard to fathom that someone will get away with killing someone. This can’t be something someone could get away with.”

Mullen and his family had posted a GoFundMe to pay for the hospital stay and operations done on Muschamp, with over $37,000 in donations pouring in from well-wishers around the world, the Independent reported.

Hero nanny Arcellie “Celi” Muschamp found herself succumbing to her injuries on Friday after she was hit by a speeding truck while she saved a one-year-old child under her care. This is a representational image. Gabriel Santos/Unsplash.

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