Hillary Clinton
Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gives a thumbs up to supporters in the crowd as Senator Bernie Sanders (L) and former Governor Martin O'Malley (3rd L) shake hands with moderators Martha Raddatz (2nd L) and David Muir (R) at the end of the Democratic presidential candidates debate at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire December 19, 2015. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

GOP Candidate Donald Trump has been one of the first to criticize Hillary Clinton’s capability to run the country because she “does not have the strength or stamina to be President.” The Republican front-runner constantly refers to his health, stamina and strength as one of his greatest assets and has publicly declared that Ms. Clinton does not have that, at least in his opinion.

According to several sources, the Democratic front-runner has adopted the fit life since she launched her 2016 bid in April. The 68-year-old politician reportedly sends her campaign team to scout out secluded tracks for brisk walks and hotel rooms with space for yoga, but she recently admitted she has a secret weapon for weight-loss: raw hot peppers.

“During 2008, there was not a day or a minute that went by that we didn’t have a full plate of raw jalapeños,” said Jamie Smith, a 2008 campaign aide, who once received a pep talk from Clinton about her inability to handle their heat. “She ate them like potato chips.” This fall, Clinton was spotted at a farm stand in Davenport, Iowa and shared the health effects of spicy food with the cashier saying she finds eating raw jalapeños “so refreshing.”

According to Medical Daily, researchers from the University of Wyoming discovered that the main ingredient in chili peppers stimulates metabolism without having to cut the calories. This substance, called capsaicin, not only prevents general weight gain but can also serve as a fat-burner. It also has the ability to turn thermogenesis in the body, and researchers believe it could be the key to managing obesity.

“She [Clinton] must be doing something right that I couldn’t figure out how to do politically and gastronomically,” said former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, a Clinton backer who said he added 35 pounds during his eight-month campaign for president in 2004. “I don’t know how to people stay trim on the campaign trail.”

It looks like Hillary Clinton knows that politicking means picking your food carefully and she is doing it the Latino way. Spice it up Mrs. Clinton!

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