A Brooklyn resident who was lounging in his apartment the day after Christmas was the victim of a home invasion after three people posed as COVID-19 survey people on Sunday, Dec. 26, before snatching the resident’s phone.

The 28-year-old Brooklyn resident was at his home in the afternoon near Coney Island when the robber knocked on his door, claiming to be maintenance workers who were conducting a survey related to the COVID-19, PIX 11 reported.

When the Brooklyn resident opened the door, the robber and his two accomplices barged inside of the residence and started beating and kicking the man, assaulting him repeatedly and aiming directly at his face and body, according to the New York Daily News.

One of the three home invaders then took out a knife and proceeded to slice and slash the victim’s hands during the struggle, making his hands bleed. They then stole the victim's cellular phone before leaving the premises.

Curiously enough, it seems like the three home invaders did not attempt to steal anything else inside the home, and were more focused on beating the 28-year-old Brooklyn resident. The police are currently looking for leads as to who these home invaders are, as well as why they seemed to have specifically targeted the Brooklyn resident in their scheme.

With surveillance footage tracking their movements, police were able to find them again congregating in a nearby bodega, with one of the home invaders’ hands soaked with blood, presumably of the resident that they just beat up. He was seen being given a napkin by one of the other home invaders.

The 28-year-old resident was taken to the Maimonides Medical Center in order to receive treatment for the lacerations in his arms. The resident appears to have not sustained any life-threatening injuries from the beating he received from the men.

A 28-year-old homeowner living near Coney Island in Brooklyn was the victim of a home invasion after three people pretending to be maintenance workers came in, beat him up, and slashed his hands with a knife. This is a representational image. Marcelo Leal/Unsplash.

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