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A Teesside homeless woman who allegedly stabbed an Aldi shop security guard with a needle has been given a roof and the last opportunity to change her life and prove she can turn everything around.

Nicola Henderson, 47, appeared at Teesside Crown Court for sentencing after previously admitting to the assault and a separate charge of public indecency, as well as three counts of theft. She reportedly stabbed a security guard with a needle in April 2021. Henderson, together with another woman, was in the Stockton Aldi store when she was seen illegally placing a bottle of whisky into a large handbag.

According to Christopher Bevan, prosecuting, a security guard witnessed the offense and tried to stop her from exiting the store. As he placed his hand in her bag to try to get back the alcohol she stabbed him with a needle. He said, "He felt two sharp scratches, like injuries with a needle. He was left with two puncture marks."

Bevan added, "She said she did not recall stabbing him with the needle, but she did say she had it because she was a drug addict and told officers she had previously had hepatitis C." The victim, who acquired scars from the injury, said he was left worried and depressed by the incident; he had to give up his job in retail security.

Henderson also confessed to having sex in a public place in July 2021, which was witnessed by a child who alerted their grandparent. Bevan said, "The grandmother said it was clear these two people were having sex in a public place. Another woman appeared and started shouting at the pair. The male got dressed and ran off, but the female took her time getting dressed and did a little dance." He added that police were called and when they investigated the pair they were both revealed to be heavily intoxicated.

Henderson also pleaded guilty to stealing £16.75 ($21.08) worth of alcohol from Sainsbury's in Middlesbrough, on July 14, 2021, and stealing household items worth £79.13 ($99.57), from B&M in Redcar on Dec. 17, 2021. Henderson has 24 previous convictions for a range of crimes including fraud, theft and prostitution. However, since being recently transferred to a homeless program with Stockton Council she has not been in trouble and is trying hard to improve her way of living.

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