Dead body
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Convicted murderer and morgue defiler David Fuller has admitted to 16 more sex offenses against 23 dead women. Fuller, 68, who received two full life sentences in December 2021 for double murder, appeared at Croydon Crown Court in south London last week via video link where he pleaded guilty to the additional offenses.

The former hospital electrician is currently incarcerated at HMP Frankland, a high-security prison in County Durham. Last month, Kent Police authorized 16 charges against Fuller all relating to sexual offenses committed in a mortuary setting. His victims were 23 deceased adult females, the Mirror reported.

"An investigation by the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate has led to evidence which relates to a total of 101 victims in these mortuary settings,” police confirmed.

In his recent court appearance, Fuller was accused of 12 counts of intentionally performing an act of penetration with a part of his body on the body of a dead person between 2007 and 2020. He was also charged with four more counts of possessing extreme pornographic images which depict an act of interference with a corpse in his own home in East Sussex back in 2020. When asked about his charges, Fuller immediately replied “guilty”. On top of Fuller’s double life sentence, he was given concurrent sentences that come to a total of 12 years.

Fuller was an electrician at the Tunbridge Wells hospital in Pembury since 1989. He pleaded guilty to the murder of 25-year-old Wendy Knell and 20-year-old Caroline Pierce in 1987. Court documents state that he beat and strangled both women in separate attacks before sexually assaulting their lifeless bodies. Evidence showed Fuller filming himself abusing female corpses while working at Kent and Sussex hospital as well as in Tunbridge Wells. Authorities found sick and disturbing videos in his home of him abusing the dead bodies of women all of which had spanned for over a decade.

Out of Fuller’s 101 victims, 10 still remain unidentified. His youngest victim was a nine-year-old girl and his oldest victim was a 100-year-old woman. He is said to have violated bodies at the mortuary more than once. As of now, no evidence has been found pointing to any other victims.

Dead body
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