The “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” just wrapped up its ninth season. One of the highlights from the final episode had to do with Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards patching things up.

RHOBH cast member Denise Richards helped end the Bunnygate feud between her co-stars. Lisa and Kim crossed paths for the first time in about two years when they attended the birthday party of Kyle Richards’ daughter.

During an interview, Lisa said that she somehow knew that she would cross paths with Kim sooner or later. However, the reality TV star also said that she didn’t expect their “reunion” to take place at a birthday party.

Since Kyle’s daughter’s birthday party also served as their Halloween bash, Lisa arrived at the venue dressed as her co-star Erika Jayne. When asked to appear in a group photo with her friends, Lisa declared that she won’t do it.

After Lisa dropped a particular word, Denise said that she and the other guests at her party could not contain their laughter. Lisa and Kim ended up laughing together, and they instantly patched things up.

“To me, I was like, it’s the ice breaker, let’s laugh about that [expletive] moment that we both had on camera,” Denise said. Lisa also said that she felt a rush of adrenaline during her reunion with Kim, and it was such a great feeling.

Before finally patching things up, Kim first had a conversation with Denise about a costume-related issue from the past. Denise pointed out that Kim and Lisa’s disagreement had to with a stuffed animal and not the costume that she wore during an episode.

After that, Kim and Lisa finally had a meeting of minds, and they decided to put everything behind them. The two women apologized to each other, and they did so in a quick moment.

“I feel like she, too, wanted to move forward. Like, who wants to carry this baggage around?” Lisa asked. “It seems like a lot of people do. Some people do seem to hold on to grudges here,” replied Denise.

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills
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