“How To Get Away With Murder” Season 5 ended with a major cliffhanger, and fans may be thinking that a renewal is inevitable. Unfortunately, cancellation and renewal announcements of broadcast networks will not be due until mid-May, so fans will have to hold their breaths for a couple of months more.

The Season 5 finale saw new mysteries unfold, and the show wrapped up without giving these piling complexities a proper closure. For one, the episode saw the disappearances of key characters Laurel Castillo and her son, Christopher. It was such an untidy ending for a major character to disappear just like that without shedding light on whether she had left on purpose or had only fallen victim to her terrible family. Emmett Crawford’s storyline also ended on an ambiguous note. His last appearance was when he fell to the floor after pouring himself a drink in his office, gasping for air. Was it a heart attack? Was he poisoned? By whom?

Considering how the season finale failed to piece everything together, it would not make sense to suddenly cut the show and disappoint millions of “How To Get Away With Murder” fans. The show has a very engaged online fan community, and giving them a finale with plenty of confusion, plot twists and whirlwind drama shouldn’t be the way to go.

But the show’s plunging numbers are telling otherwise. Although the previous season was just as gripping as the seasons prior, it averaged just about 2.8 million viewers and not quite a 0.7 demo rating. That was a good 25 percent down from its previous cycle. Also, out of all the six ABC dramas, the show ranked last in both measures.

Apparently, ABC will have to make a tough call on this matter. Will low ratings be enough for ABC to pull the plug? Or will the network hold on to the show’s strong fan base and work out a deal for another season before calling it quits?

For now, whether or not the show will return for another round of mayhem remains to be seen. But as for “How To Get Away With Murder” star Karla Souza, cancellation is not an option. Speaking with TVLine in February, the actress said she’s confident that the show would be picked up for another season. “I don’t think the writers were thinking that this would be our last season, and I never got the sense from Pete that he felt he had to have a Plan B,” she said. “I do think he has confidence in the show and the writing,” she continued.

How to Get Away with Murder Cast and Crew Actors Charlie Weber, Liza Weil, Jack Falahee, Producer and Writer Pete Nowalk and Executive Editor at Variety Debra Birnbaum speak at 'How To Get Away With Murder' event. ABC has yet to announce whether the series will return for a 6th season. Catrina Maxwell/Getty Images for SCAD