Jennifer Lopez shared some insights about her life and career in a recent interview. The singer and actress looked back at her life in the Bronx, and how she started her long journey by learning to be a bad-ss.

Lopez is currently promoting her new film “Hustlers,” in which she plays the role of a stripper. In a recent interview with GQ she was asked about a compliment by a fan who called her a “bad, bad b-tch.” Those words are actually lyrics from her song “I’m Real.”

Explaining the lyrics of the song, Lopez said that growing up in the Bronx, people tend to have a little “urban-gangster quality.” The singer grew up in a “hard kind of background” where she used to see girls fighting. Such a life affected her, and she said it toughened her up and made her a “bad-ss type character.”

Some of the challenges Lopez faced in her career were that she was not given the same pass as everybody else because she was a Latin woman of Puerto Rican origin. However, she does not wish to focus on the negative things in her life or feel sorry for herself. The singer said that the best thing to do is be resilient and the negative people will be the ones who will give up.

Lopez also talked about her age and how important it is to share it with the world. She had a tour called “It’s My Party” to celebrate her 50th birthday. The singer pointed out that highly successful women like Meryl Streep and Tina Turner saw their careers take off after they reached 40.

As far as Lopez is concerned, there are still no signs of her slowing down. She closed the Versace fashion show in Milan and announced her Super Bowl halftime performance, which she will be doing with Shakira. And now, she has been selected to be the global face for Coach, People reported.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez at the Pop Music Festival on 23.06.2012. Ana Carolina Kley Vita/Flickr

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