Guillermo Ochoa became the MVP of the Mexico match against Brazil at the FIFA World Cup 2014. Now the goalkeeper will have to rely on his reflexes and quick thinking to remain goal-less in the very important game against Croatia. El Tri needs to end the game in a victory or a draw, with a victory being that much sweeter to enjoy. Ochoa was a machine, falling left, falling right, stopping balls with his abdomen as the world noticed no ball was going to get past him and ending up in a 0-0 draw with the host country. One German soccer fan that is in Brazil enjoying the World Cup live talked to a Mexican news outlet to talk about Memo's work on the field.

Maybe the Milenio noticias reporter thought it was interesting that a German fan could speak Spanish and interviewed the guy on live television. Right after the game Germany played against Ghana the guy said, "I expected 3-1 Germany, but it was 2-2. I wanted something else, but it was worth watching the game." Things got crazy when the reporter asked if he had seen the match between Mexico and Brazil and the goalie Ochoa. "Ochoa is a wall! Ochoa is a 'verga,'" he replied shocking the reporter and quickly taking away the microphone and turning to another fan. If you don't know 'verga' is the vulgar way of saying penis in Spanish. The funny thing is that the fan seems unfazed with what he said and probably didn't think that word could be deemed offensive. Watch the hilarious moment down below!

Previously... México played one of the toughest matches in the 2014 World Cup against the host nation of Brazil. Nobody said the game was going to be easy, but it was also not impossible. The Mexican soccer team has defeated the South American country in the past, but due to their high ability there is always fear that they will upset. The game ended up having no goals on either side, but they both defended their nations colors until the end of the 90-plus minute match. On the red, white and green side there was one player that shined, the goalieMemo Ochoa. The 28-year-old goalkeeper is a free agent and worked hard to start the games against favorite Jesús Corona. After much controversy,Miguel "El Piojo" Herrera, opted for Ochoa to some negative criticisms. All those comments have now been proven wrong as Memo gave an excellent performance.