Donald Trump's eclipse campaign
Donald Trump's eclipse campaign Trump's Truth Social

A huge event like the "Great American Eclipse 2024" surely needs a presidential touch, as millions across the U.S. are preparing to witness the astrophysical phenomenon from Texas to Maine.

Both President Joe Biden and his main opponent for the November election, former President Donald Trump, issued campaign-tinted eclipse references on their social media.

On Sunday (April 7), Trump's team released what Time and other media outlets defined as a "bizarre" campaign ad, using the 2024 eclipse as a motif. The video, posted on Trump's social network Truth Social, begins with the words 'the most important moment in human history is taking place in 2024,' set to 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra,' the tone poem by Richard Strauss famously used in Stanley Kubrick's epic film "2001: A Space Odyssey."

The video depicts the sun shining above, with astonished crows below reacting excitedly to an incoming shadow covering it. As the Earth darkens, a silhouette of Donald Trump's profile emerges, eclipsing the sun, while text appears: 'We will save America. And make it great again,' referencing Trump's presidential campaign.

Here's the deal, folks...

On Monday, Biden published his own reference to the solar phenomenon: 'An eclipse is worth marveling at,' he wrote on Instagram. "But let's be safe, folks - make sure to wear protective eyewear."

Biden's message is a clear reference to his electoral rival's action in 2017 when Trump didn't follow expert advice and appeared to gaze at the sun with his naked eyes. The moment went viral on social media and quickly became a meme.

Trump, Eclipse
Former President Trump looks up towards the Solar Eclipse on the Truman Balcony at the White House on August 21, 2017. GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA via AFP

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