Almost 40 years has passed since Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana showed the world a real-life fairytale wedding. But unlike in the fairytales, where characters live happily ever after, Prince Charles and Princess Diana ended in controversy, heartbreaks and tragedy.

During the fairytale wedding in 1981, people saw a few red flags that signify that the royal marriage would probably end soon or in bitterness. One of these was when Prince Charles forgot to kiss Princess Diana after they exchanged vows at the altar. The incident gave birth to the now royal wedding tradition the balcony kiss.

After Princess Diana gave birth to his younger son, Prince Harry, in 1984, the differences between her and Prince Charles took a toll on the couple’s early years of marriage. The marital bliss shortly became a marital drama.

The infidelities, Princess Diana’s suicide attempts and the princess’s constrained relationship with the royal family became oblivious to the world. The more details and events began to unfold, the more it appeared that Prince Charles was the villain. But was he? The more fitting question would be — did Prince Charles ever love Princess Diana? Let’s take a look at the circumstances that surrounded their marriage.

Forced Marriage

A tell-all book indicated that Prince Phillip pressured Prince Charles to marrying the then 19-year-old Lady Diana Spencer. The pressure came after Prince Charles dated Princess Diana a few times.

Prince Philip was compelled to protect the royal family’s reputation, thus pushing an “anxious and confused” Prince Charles. But the prince cleared his father of the blame for his failed marriage with Princess Diana.

Why Princess Diana

Prince Charles has met Camilla Parker Bowles in the 1970s. Sparks instantly flew between the two during a polo match. Clearly, Prince Charles was head over heels for Camilla but had to leave for the Royal Navy.

After Prince Charles left, the Duchess of Cornwall married ex-boyfriend Andrew Parker Bowles. In 1978, Prince Charles reconnected with Camilla and started an affair. During this time, Prince Charles has already met Princess Diana while dating her older sister, Sarah.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II may have heard about Prince Charles’ affair with a married woman. This may have led to the decision to arrange Princess Diana as a bride for Prince Charles a few years later.

Princess Diana was young; royal blood runs through her, and she is a perfect virgin bride. Camilla, on the other hand, might be Prince Charles’ love of his life, but she was married with a daughter and his father was Roman Catholic.

Prince Charles As A Husband

No one could really tell if Prince Charles was a bad husband to Princess Diana except for the late Princess Diana herself. Prince Charles described Princess Diana as “someone I could learn to love,” as exposed by the “Prince Charles Tells People” book written by Sally Bedell.

The public had spoken about how Prince Charles may have fared as a husband. Prince Charles may have tried his best, but his heart really belongs to Camilla.

Prince Charles And Princess Diana’s Marriage

It was common knowledge that during the 11 years of their marriage, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were both very unhappy. Princess Diana wrote letters to Prince Philip, addressing him as “Dearest Pa,” and sought for help to save their marriage.

Because of several reasons like Prince Charles’ long-term affair with Camilla, Princess Diana’s affair, the marriage’s collapse due to their differences and the tell-all interview from Princess Diana that scandalized the royal family, the Queen ordered for their divorce.

Prince Charles’ Reaction To Princess Diana’s Death

The world mourned when Princess Diana died in a tragic car crash in 1997. Prince Charles, who later told his two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, about their mother’s death, was the first one to be informed by the British ambassador about the accident.

Tina Brown, author of “The Diana Chronicles,” shared in the “Diana: 7 Days That Shook The Windsors” documentary that Prince Charles was in distraught. The Prince of Wales knew that the public would blame him for the death of the People’s Princess, and he was right.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their last official trip together - a visit to the Republic of Korea (South Korea). Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images