Queen Elizabeth has been ruling the British monarchy for almost 70 years, but she is still in the pink of her health. While it may seem that the Queen is not slowing down on her royal duties anytime soon, a royal expert has claimed that Queen Elizabeth may retire in the near future for one heartbreaking reason.

At 93, Queen Elizabeth is currently the longest-reigning British monarch in the history of the royal family. She has dedicated most of her life to the throne, carrying out more duties every day than the much younger members of the royal family like Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. However, royal expert Duncan Larcombe recently claimed that Queen Elizabeth’s retirement might come sooner than most people expect.

According to Larcombe, Queen Elizabeth might step down soon due to extreme loneliness. This loneliness, he said, has a lot to do with her husband, Prince Philip.

“A lot of people think that perhaps she might stand down once her husband the Duke of Edinburgh passes away,” he said. “That is certainly a possibility. She has always been with him, by her side and now he’s retired,” he added.

Larcombe said that while the other royals have been compensating for Prince Philip’s retirement and have been looking after her, nothing can compensate for the loneliness that Queen Elizabeth has felt since Prince Philip retired from his royal duties and left her entirely on her own. This loneliness might get even worse when the Duke of Edinburgh, who is now 97, passes away. “She’s in her nineties now, yes she’s in good health but I think she’s entitled to retirement by now,” said Lacrombe.

Royal biographer Angela Levin supported Larcombe’s claim, saying that Queen Elizabeth’s loneliness was very noticeable during the Trooping the Colour, which was held in June. Prince Philip did not attend the occasion, and Queen Elizabeth reportedly looked lonely while riding the carriage without her husband by her side.

“I felt a little sorry for her when she was in her couch because she was entirely on her own,” Levin said. “Quite understandably that Prince Philip didn’t come at nearly 98 but it was quite lonely and I thought, this is the loneliness of the monarch,” she said.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (L) and Britain's Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (R), wait for the carriage carrying Princess Eugenie of York and her husband Jack Brooksbank to pass at the start of the procession after their wedding ceremony. ALASTAIR GRANT/AFP/Getty Images